Corporate Social Responsibility – the business perspective

We recently spoke with Kirstin Miller – Business Support Manager from Professional Office Service ( to find out more about her involvement in Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR as it is known in the abbreviated version. ‘CSR involvement has been part of my previous and current professional world  in many capacities. Two of the organisations

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External Validation

Your Customers and Others – how it can define us Our recent review of External Validation models, in addition to our society need for others to ‘like’ what we are doing led us to an interesting article by psychologytoday. Elizabeth Thornton determined the role ‘mental models’ play in management, leadership and decision-making.  There are several

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Emotional Intelligence

How to Manage with Emotional Intelligence (EI) EI is important for effective managers, but like many skills it can be developed. A few years ago, it was quite a buzzword where I worked, but many people didn’t really understand the full meaning (including me). Some people would ‘spout’ phrases or words that did not really

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Motivating managers

Constructive Feedback

Have you ever given critiques to a co-worker, employee or loved one that was not well received? Or have you wanted to give constructive criticism on something, but held back because you were unsure how to put your ideas across? Here are some tips that might help you – Feedback sandwich – start with a

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Motivating managers

Is your staff training in a good place?

Regulatory and legislative training usually is a key focus for business. Your team could also benefit from other programmes that support people development and the building of knowledge. Examples are managing staff, staff motivation, time management, appraisals and reviews, absence management and conflict and resolution management. If you can get the People strategy right, Productivity

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