Great leadership skills

How to build good working relationships

Good competent managers should be able to build networks both internally and externally within a business. A good performing and functioning team is important to boosting staff morale, performance and completion of work. It is important that the manager motivates all stakeholders not just their direct staff. Also that they support group and team working …

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Motivating managers

Constructive Feedback

Have you ever given critiques to a co-worker, employee or loved one that was not well received? Or have you wanted to give constructive criticism on something, but held back because you were unsure how to put your ideas across? Here are some tips that might help you – Feedback sandwich – start with a …

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Motivating managers

Is your staff training in a good place?

Regulatory and legislative training usually is a key focus for business. Your team could also benefit from other programmes that support people development and the building of knowledge. Examples are managing staff, staff motivation, time management, appraisals and reviews, absence management and conflict and resolution management. If you can get the People strategy right, Productivity …

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Managing Staff Sickness

To manage sickness levels and keep absence from work down, you need to: Monitor absence levels to find out how much they are costing your business. Keep a record for each employee and monitor any emerging patterns. Absence costs the UK economy £17 billion a year in work falling behind schedule, damage to customer service …

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Make a difference in your community

TA Barker Associates manage projects for several clients including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity. In this BLOG we provide you with an overview of CSR. CSR is a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community, environment and economy in which it operates. It means operating your business so that it has: A positive relationship with …

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Difficult workplace conversations

From time to time all managers will need to face conversations which they anticipate will be difficult and they may feel unable to handle them. So this can lead to further problems arising if the original reason for the difficult conversation is not addressed. Difficult conversations often involve; poor performance issues unacceptable workplace behaviour such …

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