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Are you or someone you know looking for work?

There are lots of websites, hints and tips when you are looking for work. However sometimes you need one to one support to help you gain confidence and reflect on what is working for you in your job hunting.

Career and Interview Coaching

A qualified and experienced interview coach can help you to gain a better understanding, help your preparation for your next job application and potential interview. If you are committed to finding out what to do next after sixth form, or the next step in getting back to work then we have the coaching service for YOU.

Our experience

We work with many people in Aylesford, Ditton, Larkfield and Maidstone supporting them with job hunting and interview preparation. It can help you to perform better and give you a vital edge over other people. Our coach has worked in recruitment and education for over 10 years and has worked in many industries for over 20, so has good experience to support you.

Next steps

If you find that you are struggling to sell your skills and experience, or are not sure how to explain gaps in your CV or want a career change we can help.

Contact us

On 07449 041 092

How the service works

1 initial telephone review

2 we meet face to face for a 45 minute coaching session

3 we have a 45 minute telephone coaching session

4 we meet face to face for the final 45 minute coaching session, including mock interview questions to help you prepare for your next interview

Follow up – we provide you with a range of information tailored to your needs. This includes practice interview questions, competency questions and much more

Contact us 07449 041 092 or email

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