Make a difference in your community

TA Barker Associates manage projects for several clients including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity. In this BLOG we provide you with an overview of CSR.

CSR is a company’s sense of responsibility towards the community, environment and economy in which it operates.

It means operating your business so that it has:

  • A positive relationship with the environment
  • A positive relationship with local and wider society I.E community projects and charities
  • A positive relationship with staff

CSR is an integral part of your business and not just an added extra or a benefit, so if you implement CSR correctly it can bring huge benefits to an organisation such as:

  • Comply with regulations
  • Increase revenue, lower costs and increase profit
  • Improve your relationship with the community & impact on the environment
  • Increase your reputation
  • Support staff wellbeing and motivation
  • Attract and retain great members of staff
  • Enhance trust among your stakeholders and customers
  • Provides opportunities for positive PR stories and case studies

There are numerous ideas that can support your business such as ‘Make a Difference’, working with local schools, fundraising, identifying a nominated charity and giving back days.

Having a CSR strategy and plan, also implementing CSR activity as an integral part of your operation will support your workforce motivation and development, increase revenue and reflect positively on your organisation.

Do you want to be a CSR leader for your business?– if so contact us or Tel 07449 041 092

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