Stress at work

By guest contributor – Jody Woodbridge Image courtesy of: Helen Lopes According to the CIPD Health and wellbeing at work 2022 survey report, ‘stress continues to be one of the main causes of short- and long-term absence. With workloads, Covid -related anxiety (such as fear of contagion), non-work factors such as family, relationships, personal …

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It is pretty nerve-wracking!!

Planning, Preparation and Patience are key Difficult conversations or conversations that are difficult, require thought, care and attention. This was a topic on a recent webinar delivered by Tracy-Anne. In 1999 Douglas Stone published a book on this subject and a phrase we like is: “Difficult conversations are almost, never about getting the facts right. …

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Letters spelling out team work

The Hidden Team Members

“Understanding their contribution is paramount” This was a response a good friend and colleague Gill McKay. She said on a post recently in response to a question I posed about encouraging team members, enabling and supporting them. It is certainly no good banging the desk, demanding results, or shouting. These are all tactics that will …

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The Boss lady X Factor

Earlier this year a colleague shared the really interesting  ‘McKinsey Podcast’. In it Tera Allas, shared her research on the impact of the relationship with our boss, the satisfaction on work and life in general. Thinking about the message logically, it should come as no surprise. The research says that more than 70 % of …

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Unleash the purpose

Unleashing the POWER of PURPOSE

Creating a Vision & Mission statement for your business or department Imagine going to work each day, full of purpose and conviction. People can be genuinely inspired if their organisation has a compelling vision and a clear, worthwhile mission; and these can be powerfully expressed in well-crafted mission and vision statements. The two statements do …

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Person laying down

My Why

My Why – my story I am Tracy-Anne Barker, a mentor, coach and trainer.   Reflecting on My Why I recall the economic crash of 2007/08, when companies downsized and changed. I joined a training and recruitment centre after 20 years in the Supply Chain and Logistic sector.  The organisation was a large and successful out …

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