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We are a training and coaching business, specialising in working with Individuals, Business owners, HR Directors and HR Managers so they can equip their Senior Leaders, New managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders with the right skills to maximise performance and have a high performing business that is sustainable.

We work with organisations and individuals that WANT to make a difference, who WANT to be agents for change, and have a clear focus on TAKING ACTION.

With over 30 years of experience in the Construction, Retail, Recruitment, Professional Services, Charity, Public Sector, Training, Education, Supply Chain, Overseas Trading and Hospitality industries. understand the pressures you and your team face on a day to day basis.

How can we help you?

We take time to get to know and understand your business, leverage our breadth of experience and best practices to help you achieve excellent results.

Our range of services are flexible, allowing more time for owners and managers to run the business. With practical and cost-effective solutions you only pay for want you need. 

Get help with the three P’s  – People, Productivity, and Profitability.

Our services are:

Business Coaching & Mentoring

We deliver a very successful  coaching and mentoring programme for executives, business owners, managers, supervisors and team leaders  to help maximise performance, gain business vision and clarity


Working with you on specific projects such as: Business Development, Business Reviews, Interim Management, including sickness and holiday cover, Quality Assurance Audits, Recruitment of Staff. Consider us your extra pair of hands as and when you need us 

Training & Development

Our signature leadership and management programme, delivered over 12 weeks to support your team accelerate their leadership skills, gain confidence in dealing with challenging decisions,  performance management, conflict resolution and much more. 

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The Managers Circle

An online community  supporting business with a management programme that is affordable and accessible. Delivering monthly Masterclass workshops, group coaching, in a highly supportive environment to enable managers to grow, progress and gain confidence in their role 

Essential Management Skills

Our  Group programme for new and emerging Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors delivering an interactive, practical course to help gain the knowledge and skills to help maximise performance 

FREE resources

 Our Management toolbox suite including newsletters, webinars and videos to help you start your management journey

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About Tracy-Anne:

I founded TA Barker Associates in 2018.

My team and I have extensive experience in working with senior leaders,  managers and individual team members. We work best with individuals and organisations that are ACTION takers, who want to make CHANGE and benefit the organisation and the team.

Our core focus is three P’s – People, Productivity, and Profitability.

With over 30 years of experience in the Construction, Retail, Recruitment, Professional Services,  Charity, Public Sector, Training, Education, Supply Chain, Overseas Trading and Hospitality industries.

In my down-time, when not doing the job I absolutely love, you will find me with three step-children and two grandsons, usually at a game of Rugby at our local club. Or hanging out with friends watching England on a big screen, or if lucky enough, watching the team at Twickenham, the home of England rugby.  ‘Come on England’.

Business can often be aligned to sport, Rugby is a great example of that. As a game you need lots of different players with lots of different skills. A team needs the same, if you are fed up running all over the pitch trying to play every move if you are tired from all the effort it is taking, if you want this year to be the year you ‘kick the ball out of the park’ get in touch.

 I would love to hear from you, join our TRIBE!

Customers reviews

I’ve really appreciated being part of the Managers’ Circle and attending the webinars and group discussions. Tracy-Anne is an excellent trainer and the sessions are always full of useful information and tips. It can be difficult to take time in a busy work schedule to develop yourself but these sessions aren’t too long and provide some protected time to reflect on your practice and gain tips. Each webinar has been followed up with excellent resources for further reading and development. The fact that the sessions have been online has also been a great help with balancing work and child care commitments. It’s been great to meet managers from other organisations and learn from each other’s experiences. Whilst attending the Managers’ Circle I was fortunate enough to be working towards my ILM qualification. The learning and resources from the webinars and sessions definitely complemented this course and were a great help with my assignments too. I’d highly recommend the sessions to any manager looking to improve their practice.


My overall experience on the programme was excellent, my takeaways were to ensure appraisal is an ongoing and regular process, don’t forget to praise, the importance of good communication (in all forms)The trainer was excellent and I would recommend the training to you.


The trainer was excellent, I found the sessions very useful to reinforce current practices but also as a means to review my own management style and get new ideas on how to improve and adapt. Which is important as I think for many of us it is not something which has ever been formally trained but has evolved over time and reflects on our own experiences of being managed. Key elements were the reinforcement of the importance of reviews and the ideas around the structure of those and the need for more informal ongoing feedback but done within the right context. The parts around critical feedback and understanding motivation were also very useful given I would consider those the harder parts of the management role.


The training structure was very good, the quality of the resources were also very good along with Tracy-Anne the Trainer. The masterclasses really helped me to understand which communication techniques I could use better. I would recommend the training with TA Barker Associates. Jonathan – Team Manager


Excellent sessions, the content, structure and pace were very good. Tracy-Anne is an excellent trainer. Being prompted to think and reflect on actual tangible things that are occurring in our working day as opposed to hypothetical situations worked really well for me. I would recommend TA Barker Associates.


I joined The Manager’s Circle in January 2021, the process was straight forward, no hassle and I really like the website, the tone and feel of it. I joined to find a structure and a supportive network within which to grow my vision and purpose as a manager and a leader for my future. To learn and grow more, with support. What’s the biggest difference The Manager’s Circle has made in your life and role? I already feel more confident in my current role and am gaining more confidence for next steps towards my future role too, it helps me feel excited rather than overwhelmed. Hearing from the others in the group, with Tracy-Anne’s guidance, is very uplifting, The experience of giving and receiving support, is just what I was looking for.

Alison, Kent

Very good course, I attended the Essential Management Skills course in February. From the outside looking at a managers role it can be a bit daunting (and still can be) as the role is vast, however, this course has served well to demystify a lot of it for me.It was interesting learning about the management techniques covered whilst not being in a management role, there were definitely some things that can help with how I work currently and things for the future. My main takeaways from the sessions are: 1) Ownership of processes ad discipline are super important. 2) Consider where I can apply the skills learnt in my role. 3) Management roles are vast, but not impossible.


I really recommend the training with Tracy-Anne. I attended the virtual Essential Management programme and it was excellent. The activities, the pace and quality were all excellent. The opportunity to discuss how to deal with situations with other managers, with Tracy-Anne’s guidance really helped me to understand and learn how to be a better manager. Tracy-Anne is an excellent Trainer.


I attended a Power Hour coaching session with Tracy-Anne. The session was very good. It was relaxed and I didn’t feel pressured. I felt at ease and that I could be honest about my challenges. Tracy-Anne was able to coach me to find solutions to tasks that were overwhelming me. Straight forward solutions with the time to talk these through and realise that I have the skills and knowledge to go forward in my role has given me confidence and also the determination to manage my workload in a better and more efficient manner. I realised in the session that it was only me that was holding myself back and that my way of working needed to be more streamlined. I now understand that I have the power to manage demands on my time and move forward.


I attended the Management course, Tracy-Anne was excellent. I really enjoyed the coaching session to help with specific management problems and sharing ideas. My three takeaways for my role are motivation, conflict management and consistent communication across my team.


Tracy-Anne is an excellent trainer, she created a relaxed environment for learning remotely on the management skills course. Everyone had the opportunity to be involved and listened to. The pace of the course was excellent and the content very good for me. My takeaway action will be about being prepared to manage, delegation and that it is ok to get it wrong if we can learn from it and progres


I attended the Essential Management Skills Course, it was very good. It was very useful content, the session and pace was excellent. The extra coaching sessions were really valuable and allowed us to share problems and our experience. My takeaways were motivation, working with staff to find out their motivations, delegation and improving my productivity. I recommend the course.


I attended the Essential Management Skills Course, it was very good. It was very useful content, the session and pace was excellent. The extra coaching sessions were really valuable and allowed us to share problems and our experience. My takeaways were motivation, working with staff to find out their motivations, delegation and improving my productivity. I recommend the course.


Tracy-Anne is a professional, reliable and very experienced consultant. The Essential Management Skills training course I attended, helped with lots of practical tools that I put to use immediately in our organisation.


Tracy-Anne’s power sessions provide a great opportunity to identify and work through any issues that you may be experiencing whilst working on your business. Using the GROW model, she is able to help you better define the root causes, find possible solutions and formulate an action plan for moving forward. I’d recommend Tracy-Anne’s coaching without hesitation


We have completed some fantastic management training at Pathway CTM this week, delivered by the excellent Tracy-Anne Barker MCMI. I would highly recommend her and I am pleased that our team have had this start to the year. She consistently exceeded our expectations. She is a great trainer, the content was bespoke yet had enough flexibility to allow us to relate the content in real time which was important to us.


Working with Tracy-Anne has consistently exceeded my expectations. My personal confidence has significantly grown. Tracy-Anne has enabled me to change direction without fear of looking in-decisive and gave me control at all times. It transpires that my initial aspirations are not what I want after all! I feel I have been able to press the reset button. I have a clear direction of what work I want to do, who I want to do business with and how I’m going to get there. I feel empowered focused and raring to go. I have decided to continue with a second programme of mentoring. I highly recommend Tracy-Anne.


The coaching with Tracy-Anne has had a significant impact on me personally as well as the business. My confidence has significantly improved and has enabled me to take strides in the business that I’m not sure I would have been able to take before. The coaching holds me to account to ensure that I get things done which I might have put off. Being a CEO, is often a lonely role so it is nice to be able to share concerns with my coach and following those discussions I am usually able to resolve these issues and push forward with my role. The programme with Tracy-Anne exceeded all expectations and I would not hesitate in recommending her to you.


Sometimes, when you’re in the middle of it, it’s hard to know where to start. Running a business, doing all the things required to make it grow is a bit like a bowl of noodles – finding the start of the noodle is key to success but it’s also difficult! Tracy-Anne helps me find the start of the noodle so I can help my business grow! Working with her, I gain clarity on what my next steps need to be so I can work through them progressively. She helps me work through challenges and gives me practical advice on how to handle pricing, tricky situations, awkward clients, etc. I’m so pleased I found her, I’m sure my business would not be as far forward as it is today. She holds me accountable and gives me confidence to move forward. Everyone in business needs a Tracy-Anne!


I enjoyed the course very much, the three things I will implement are, not to micro-manage, confirming check in points with staff, staff language and training. My employees thoroughly enjoyed the experience and have already put into practiced a lot of what they learnt. I am very pleased with the personal touch and obvious passion that TA Barker Associates has for its clients. Thank you so much for the workshop.


The Managing Remote Working session run by TA Barker Associates was delivered in an easy to understand way, with time to reflect upon afterwards. The ideas were very interesting, some of which we can introduce. The ability to discuss and feedback ideas that would suit our organisations best was good. I scored the session as Excellent.


I’ve worked with TA Barker Associates on a number of initiatives including collaborating on a CSR forum and Tracy-Anne has also delivered Management training to our business. She is a knowledgeable, professional individual with a wealth of experience who is able to engage and work efficiently with any target audience. We look forward to working with her in the future.


We have enjoyed an effective working relationship with Tracy-Anne for over five years. When a client approached us to complete a substantial project Tracy-Anne was an obvious fit for our project team. A consummate professional, Tracy-Anne also added value to the project through coaching client team members to understand and use data to inform decision making. The project was completed on-time, within budget and received positive client feedback. I would not hesitate to engage Tracy-Anne for future client work


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