Corporate Social Responsibility – the business perspective

We recently spoke with Kirstin Miller – Business Support Manager from Professional Office Service ( to find out more about her involvement in Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR as it is known in the abbreviated version.

‘CSR involvement has been part of my previous and current professional world  in many capacities. Two of the organisations were the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and NHS. However, the principles from both organisations can be easily in all business sizes, including those with five or less staff.

Practical examples

As an example the FSA had a focus on local activities and staff were encouraged to get involved in community river bank clean up in the east London area. While being a direct positive impact on the environment and local community, it was also a team building activity for FSA staff. We captured the activity in photos and publicised the efforts of the team and positive impact on the local area.

In the NHS, staff were allowed to chose five volunteering days which linked back to healthcare. One positive action was a member of my team who tended the gardens at a local hospice on the last Friday in the month during spring and summer.  The choice of the hospice was a personal connection for the member of the team. Iit supported her volunteering aspirations, sense of well-being and motivation. Of course, the hospice residents, visitors and family members were able to enjoy a well-tended garden’.

Small business examples

Kirstin’s experience of CSR in a larger company, mirrors that of many other businesses. She also went on to tell us about running her own company and her activities with CSR. ‘CSR is not dependant on your business size, I am a Business Support Manager and work directly with Charities and businesses and have my own CSR ethos, as do many of the organisations I work for.  I  have experience undertaking CSR activities for homeless charities, local community projects, supporting vulnerable young people and adults. In addition working with school aged young adults. CSR is about #givingback and #makingadifference but can also be good for your business. It can motivate staff, engage your future clients and you can gain positive publicity. All of these can have a positive impact on your bottom line’.

Find out more

If you want to find out more, come along to the CSR2025 event on 17th October 2019. Network with businesses that want to #makeadifference and have #inspiration

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