Webinar Wednesday

Webinar Wednesday

A FREE webinar to support you and the managers in your business


A FREE 30 minute webinar to support you in gaining information and knowledge to help the managers in your business.

What are the Features of the webinar?

  • Topical content delivered by a qualified management coach and trainer – Tracy-Anne Barker, The Manager’s Mentor
  • An opportunity to network with others and share experience
  • Gain new knowledge and information to support you and the managers in your business manage staff and challenges in your business
  • Access to FREE support information to guide you in your role and share with the managers who most need it in your business

Delivered each Wednesday at a selection of different times to help you access quality, informed and practical support.

What are the benefits of this webinar?

  • The Managers will increase their confidence and ability in leading their team – resulting in a happier, more harmonious and effective team
  • You and the managers in your business will gain knowledge and information to support them making the right decisions at the right time
  • The manager will be able to address challenges and conflict earlier, resulting in reduced costs and an increase in productivity.
  • Communication will improve, resulting in clarity, improved productivity and increased profitability.

What our Webinar delegates say:

“The pace and content of the session was very organised and professional. I really liked the demo at the start of the session”

December 10 @ 16:30
16:30 — 17:00 (30′)

Tracy-Anne Barker

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