Using technology to aid a Learning Culture

How can we engage more with learning and create a learning culture for the ‘whole’ organisation?

This was a question posed by a HR Director I met with recently.

Along with the advice much of which is included below, I thought it would be a good blog article for you all.

The advancement of technology and adaptability that emerged during the Covid-19 pandemic has been embraced by many organisations to engage learners and drive performance improvements.

We are very lucky, technology provides us with easy access to vast amounts of information from many different sources. This makes it easier for learners to access information on their own and learn at their own pace.

However, some senior leaders prefer more traditional L&D, potentially because that is where they are most familiar themselves. L&D professionals can provide a central role in assisting the senior leaders to take advantage of the pandemic opportunities and embrace the opportunities for more informal and self-directed learning. Here are some steps they can take.

Develop a Learning Culture, Chamorro-Premuzic, T. and Bersin, J. (2018) writing in Harvard Business Review, list  four recommendations to help

  • Reward continuous learning
  • Give constructive and meaningful feedback
  • Lead by example
  • Hire curious people

Julian Stodd, Seasalt Learning advocates a learning culture is developed in an organisation not only by individuals but by the organisation itself too. “Listening to the conversations that are had” For organisations establishing social learning opportunities that promote engagement and inclusion so that individuals can share their experiences, and their challenges and learn from mistakes.

Building a learning culture requires:

  • Trust and openness
  • Organisational listening and responsiveness
  • Everyone’s participation in creating the culture
  • Encouraging individuals to speak out with honesty
  • Leaders engaging, crutcially listening to what they need to hear
  • Two way communication that is relevant and authentic

If organisations, senior leaders, and employees have a curious and open-mindset they can begin the development of a learning culture

Having established the beginnings of a learning culture, organisations require tools and techniques to provide opportunities for employees to learn informally and encourage social learning.

One tool may be an e-learning platform; it can provide an organisation with an online platform for employees to access a range of learning materials at a place, pace, and time to suit individuals. Developed well, and accessible across a range of desktop or mobile applications they can support learning for a wide range of individuals. Some platforms allow organisations to create forums, social learning spaces, and chat functions to facilitate the learning culture and continuous improvement culture that many forward-thinking organisations are striving to achieve.

Overall, technology and adaptability can help create a more dynamic and engaging learning culture within an organisation. It can encourage continuous learning and growth. Which ultimately has a positive impact on the organistion.

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Julian Stodd – Sea Salt Learning

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