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#5 Tips to help with The Imposter Syndrome

#5 Tips to help with The Imposter Syndrome

Updated June 2020 (Originally published August 2019)

Did you know?

Nearly ALL managers, particularly women have at some stage felt the ‘imposter syndrome’. If you are one of the many, you are not alone. It feels like other people may discover you are not up to the job, maybe that you are not good enough. This probably does not reflect reality. You were selected for the job for a reason.

Recently writing for the Chartered Management Institute Dr Valerie Young, an expert on imposter syndrome, reported on five different types:

  • ‘Perfectionists’ set themselves impossible tasks and despair when they fail to reach them – so they have trouble delegating.
  • ‘Supermen/women’ work extra hard (often unnecessarily) to cover up for their perceived failings – so they struggle to switch off.
  • ‘Natural geniuses’ feel they should be instantly brilliant at everything they do, and if something takes effort, they must be failing – so they’re reluctant to try new things.
  • ‘Individualists’ won’t ask or accept help, because they see it as a sign of weakness;
  • ‘Experts’ feel they cannot take on a task unless they are brilliant at it – so feel that people will find them out at any moment.

It’s important to be aware of these characteristics if you feel the imposter syndrome. Try to keep the feelings in check, challenge the feelings and work on your own self-development.

5 Tips to help you:

Ask for help when it is needed

Find a mentor in your business or associated business

Find your own style, don’t copy someone else if it is not your natural style

Get to know your team

Find a coaching or training course to support your personal development


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