Sitting idle was never for me!

I have never tended to sit idle and wait for things.  Or even worse, as my husband says I could never sit still and do ‘nothing’. Even on a lovely beach holiday, I find it difficult to sit still even with a good book, I like to be up and about every now and then.

I was inspired by a few good teachers and have witnessed the positive impact of continuing professional development. So, learning and finding out more about myself and the subjects I enjoy comes naturally, which is why I am an advocate that professional development is important to us all. No matter what stage you are at in your career, developing yourself, finding the right programme, coach or mentor is important to help support your development.

It goes without saying that at the beginning when COVID – 19 shook our world, I could not sit by and not work. You can read in my other blog, how I navigated working in those first six weeks, how I kept busy.

So, I researched and found the perfect development programme to help my business and develop my training and online course creation skills. I completed an intense 6-week Future Fit Trainer Programme, designed, and delivered by Sharon Gaskin and Ginette Tessier.

How was it?

Wow! This course pushed and pulled me, challenged me in ways I did not think possible. I was out of my comfort zone, had significant moments of doubt, frustration, including a few tears but also joy. The programme helped us shine a spotlight into our areas of personal development, challenged our limiting beliefs and pushed us all to accelerate our businesses.

Transforming us from trainers, coaches, and mentors to business owners with knowledge, skills, and abilities to create and run successful and sustainable businesses. The most important part for my development, helping us gain the skills and knowledge to transform from face to face traditional trainers to virtual training and online course Masters.

I already had a good business model, but mainly face to face, which clearly with the pandemic was not sustainable. Now, I run virtual live training on Zoom and MS Teams, I design and deliver Self-directed online learning courses, all part of a truly blended learning service to my clients.

Sharon and Ginette supported my development and I am thrilled, proud and honoured to say I am a Future Fit Trainer, Coach and Mentor.

What about you?

Have you been able to invest in your professional development during COVID-19?

I would love to hear from you.


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