How do you motivate your team and why does it matter?

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Motivation for managers

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Some of your team will have responded well to the pandemic and some may have not. 

Helping your team adapt to the changing situation, stay productive regardless of whether they are.


Create an understanding of the impact of motivation.


Help you and the manager understand the dynamic nature of motivation.


Create an understanding of the role motivation have on business success. 


Help you to understand the tips to help build a strong and engaged team.

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About the Author


Tracy-Anne Barker is a regular blogger, a qualified trainer and coach, she has extensive experience training, supporting new and emerging managers.


Having worked in a number of commercial and public sector organisations, Tracy is a highly-skilled operations manager, with 30 years of experience coaching and training managers and executives, in-house learning & development roles, business development and people development.

In this Ebook, we explore motivation, the principles that managers and organisations can implement to ensure that they have taken the most effective steps to aid motivation and impact positively on staff performance.