Do you have accidental managers in your business?

I am not being cheeky or derogatory, I know that they exist and once I was one! People that are promoted because they are good at their jobs, have technical expertise and experience. They are not necessarily good people managers. In my experience, managing people, learning the skills and art of delegation and effective communication with a team are not learnt at school, college or university. You need support to learn the knowledge, skills and behaviours to help you become a good manager.

I remember a conversation with a supply chain manager a few year ago. By his own admission he did not like managing people. Yet he was a true expert and font of knowledge in respect of the export market. He managed the team responsible for one of the organisations biggest clients, a large global brand. But he was terrible at it. Yet the organisation did not support him to upskill and improve his management skills. The results over a period of time was poor management of the team, and the contract.

The Right skillset

Without the right skillset to motivate and engage staff, an accidental manager impacts negatively on productivity and profitability of your business. It impacts negatively on the people and culture. The signs of an accidental manager are easy to spot, they struggle with:

  1. Leading change
  2. Handling difficult situations
  3. Improving team performance
  4. Embed strategic thinking in to the team
  5. Exceeding key performance targets
  6. Acting as positive role model

If you want to support your accidental managers to lead with confidence and have the ability to deliver results, TA Barker Associates can help your business.

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