Managing poor performance - difficult conversations

What is Performance Management?

Managing the performance of the team should be a cross organisation approach, that is integrated to help the business meet the key aims and objectives. What Is Performance Management? The performance management aspect is the monitoring and support of individuals so they can improve performance, the department performance, and the company performance.   Responsibility for …

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Hands and world map

The #3 Whats!

Will the World be the Same again? And do we want it to be so? I among many others, have encountered significant change, challenge, and heartbreak over the last 12 weeks. Myself, watching loved ones become ill and go in to hospital to never return home again, overnight business changes when 90% of my work …

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#8 Business benefits of CSR

Updated 4th June 2020 (Originally published on 20th Jan 2020) Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has many advantages that can apply to any business, regardless of its size or sector. The benefit of an organisations corporate social investment are:  Better brand recognition Positive and responsible business reputation Increased sales and customer loyalty Operational costs savings Better …

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Managing Friends

Updated May 2020 (originally published in August 2019) You’ve just been promoted, hooray! You are now part of the management team and officially in charge of a team of your staff who were previously your peers, many who have become your friends. How do you handle it? This can be a tough one to navigate, …

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How do you measure up?

Measuring Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Many organisations have difficulties measuring CSR initiatives. Some benefits such as customer loyalty and improved reputation are hard to quantify, therefore difficult to measure the Return on Investment (ROI). However, measurement is really important to establish your ROI it enables you to: Promote the importance of your activities to your …

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Do you have accidental managers in your business?

I am not being cheeky or derogatory, I know that they exist and once I was one! People that are promoted because they are good at their jobs, have technical expertise and experience. They are not necessarily good people managers. In my experience, managing people, learning the skills and art of delegation and effective communication …

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