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My Why

My Why – my story

I am Tracy-Anne Barker, a mentor, coach and trainer.  

Reflecting on My Why I recall the economic crash of 2007/08, when companies downsized and changed. I joined a training and recruitment centre after 20 years in the Supply Chain and Logistic sector.  The organisation was a large and successful out of town shopping centre. The training centre had started off with a strong ethos of recruiting locally and providing training for local people.

The training centre had lost its way. I was thrilled to be appointed and take up the challenge, of utilising my skills to bring things back together.  I quickly built a successful and capable team. 

Most staff were inexperienced and had back stories of people and bosses not believing in them. I am truly proud of what each of those individuals achieved during five years.

The staff acquired new skills, knowledge and qualifications. They become masters in their roles and have gone on to great personal and professional achievements. Including my number two ‘Ben’, going on to step up and run the centre. Which he still does to this very day, doing a tremendous and successful job.

There was one synergy with them all. That someone did not believe in them. I did.  My belief proved positive. When you support individuals and champion them,  you help them to achieve the right mind-set, focus and ambition. 

The shopping centre AKA ‘Bluewater’ has a clear and focused approach on employment and training for local people and has been tremendously successful. The team and I put the recruitment and training centre back on the map again.  We achieved and excelled in many areas, along with our partner organisations including thousands of local people into jobs and training, the first Bluewater online job website and much more.  

Not the only success

Bluewater was not my only success, in my corporate journey.  I have worked with individuals to help them grow and progress, building successful teams, supporting, leading and training management teams to be highly effective and productive departments.

Like everyone in business either employed, self-employed, business owners and entrepreneurs we all have a back story, previous life experiences that influence and mould us.

My story

My back story is no different. I grew up in a working-class family. Tough council estate, industrial blue-collar town and went to the local comprehensive school. Completed an average secondary education. No one from our estate went to University, it wasn’t the ‘done’ thing. I completed an apprenticeship in Supply Chain and Logistics. We suffered devastating family loss when my closet brother was killed at the age of 16, I was only 18. It took me over 20 years to deal with the trauma and grief, and only now, can I talk about him without crying.

However, during my life growing up, at school and in my early career I was influenced by people who ‘believed’ in me. Without those people giving me a chance, taking faith in my ability and supporting my progression I would not have developed in to the person I am today.  I had a strong belief that if you reach for the stars and you work hard, your background does not need to hold you back. If you want to change and you can grasp an opportunity you can progress.

My Purpose

In my business and my corporate career, I have supported, trained and delivered a positive impact on thousands of people. In sharing my WHY I can demonstrate the success of my PURPOSE and how I help businesses.

Working with me, will help you and your team increase performance, productivity and increase your ability to accelerate.

Today I own my own training business – working with business owners, managers and entrepreneurs.

If you would like to discuss how reflection, mentoring, coaching and training managers can be implemented in your business, please get in touch Tracy-Anne Barker @ TA Barker Associates

TA Barker Associates are a training, coaching and mentoring business with 30 years of experience in the Construction, Retail, Recruitment, Charity, Public Sector, Training, Education, Supply Chain, Overseas Trading and Hospitality industries.

Founded by Tracy-Anne Barker, the Manager’s Mentor, they specialise in working with leaders and managers. They provide ambitious and growing companies with experts who partner with you to build long term relationships, deliver practical and strategic solutions for your business, personalised to suit you. These include coaching and training for your team, management and consultancy support.  

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